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Welcome to Firebird Gaming! We are a multi-gaming community dedicated to bringing you the ability, and capability, to play a wide range of games! Whether it'd be Simulation, MMO, Free-Roam or whatever genre fits you best, we'll bring to you!. We use Teamspeak 3 for voice communication, and our IP is accessible from our Facebook page, as well as straight from our website.  

Founded on May 18th, 2010, Firebird Airlines was introduced to players within the Flight Simulator community as a hot spot to relax and play FSX, FS9, P3D or X-Plane. However, we noticed over time that many of our members fell in love with other games within the genre, and we wanted to jump on the oppurtunity to become a Multi-title group, thus becoming the group we are today, Firebird Gaming. 

We've been dedicated to PC and console gaming for 5 years, and will remain dedicated for many years to come. That's one good reason to become a member of Firebird Gaming!

So what are YOU  waiting for? 

Join us today!


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